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此模板使用了模块:Protocol version,这些脚本均使用Lua编写。

This template provides the data version when given a version name as its only argument.


Versions lacking data version information will be linked to this section. To determine the data verison, there are several options:

  • Open a player file or a chunk file with an NBT editor; the data version is set in VersionId (in the case of chunks, make sure that the chunk has been saved in the latest version)
  • Via /entitydata or /data get on any entity
  • Via burger's version topping (or existing burger data on http://pokechu22.github.io/Burger/(version).html)

Versions lacking such data will be placed into Category:Unknown Data version. Note that versions where some data is specified, but the data version is unknown (or that predates data versions) will not be included in that category, only ones that completely lack an entry on the table.