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你好,請問一下你是否願意加入譯者交流群嗎?[edit source]

如題,qq群號為205398450,申請時請隨附wiki使用者名,謝謝!--Angrydog001議(Talk)/誌(Logs)/勛(Contribs) 2017年2月19日 (日) 10:21 (UTC)

Sign[edit source]

Hi JackAlpha26! I'm a user of Japanese Wiki. English is bad, but please understand.

It is about editing in Talk:End Rod in your English version, but when signing it is recommended to add "--" before "~~~~".--User:Beans1512/Sign 2017年4月9日 (日) 14:50 (UTC)

So... Like this "-- JackAlpha26"? Ah thanks for telling me that. Yeah it looks much better ——JackAlpha26討論) 2017年4月9日 (日) 14:58 (UTC)
That one. I told this because many other users are using this. (When you generate the signature automatically by desktop editing, it becomes like this)--User:Beans1512/Sign 2017年4月9日 (日) 15:05 (UTC)